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Gupta Security


To be the leading provider of innovative and comprehensive Security Solutions in Guyana.


We are a team of well-trained and disciplined professionals who provide innovative and complete security solutions to our valued clients as we protect you and your assets and give you the peace of mind to focus on what’s most important to you.

About Gupta Security

Gupta Security is a Private Security Firm registered under the Business Names Registration Act, Chapter 90:05 in the Republic of Guyana.

Our purpose is to provide Security Services for Clients nationwide while aiming to be the leading provider of Security Solutions in Guyana and to establish a business culture founded on dedication, growth, efficiency, innovation, respect, teamwork and trust.

These core values act as a way to improve the quality of life of both our clients and our employees. Our highly qualified and trained Security Officers, along with our experienced Management team of Specialists, intend to provide intelligent security solutions, including equipping our officers with cutting edge technology, to offer protection to our residential, commercial, government, and industrial customers throughout Guyana.

At Gupta Security, we thrive to deliver beyond your expectations with an incomparable dedication to protect you and your assets. We are dedicated to meeting our Client’s needs with the highest manner of Professionalism.

We exist to ensure Your Safety and Security

Services Offered

We provide security services for the following business areas:

  • Business Premises

  • Private Residences

  • Office Buildings

  • Oil-Gas Industry

  • Embassies

  • Public Events

  • Banks

  • Hospitals

  • Warehouse Facilities

  • Governmental Buildings

  • Educational Institutions

Key Areas of Focus

At Gupta Security, our services are second to none as we offer the strongest security systems. We instill traditional and modern security expertise within all guards hired.
Each Security Guard is hired based their experience in the field and qualifications. Upon hiring, they undergo a thorough background check. Our guards then pass through a rigorous training program.
An experienced officer sees and hears much more than is apparent. An officer has been trained to tell when an employee or visitor is acting in a suspicious manner. They can hone in on suspicious sounds or silences that signal a change in the usual activity.

These skills prepare a security officer to manage crisis events peacefully through listening and understanding, allowing them to respond appropriately to each situation. Their training may vary depending on state requirements, the guard services provider they work for and client needs.
Our security guards are not only trained to avert predicaments, but when there is an unexpected occurrence, our guards are trained to prevent a crisis from escalating and responds immediately and effectively to assist anyone caught up in the situation.
Guards are trained in non-violence and peacekeeping techniques. Their job is to observe, report and assist people on your property. The goal is to promote the peaceful resolution of a conflict. If that is not possible, they are trained to respond appropriately, including calling local law enforcement or other emergency responders.
Security officers are trained in nonviolent intervention techniques so they can resolve situations before they escalate. Proven techniques help guide interactions through a series of steps to control the situation. Officers will begin with a psychological assessment and move through a series of responses based on the evaluation.
Recognizing such behaviors early will help steer the officer toward the appropriate response.
Gupta Security understands the need for professionalism in terms of how our team is represented. That is why we invested in complete uniformed security personnel packages in order to address our clients’ needs in a professional manner.
Our certified security Officers are trained in a broad range of expertise areas encompassing everything from general security to highly specialized security roles.

Become a Security Officer

We’re accepting applications for Security Officer all across Guyana. Submit your information and apply today.